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Basic Layouts and Requirements

The following document and illustrations are intended as purely outline details and are intended as a guide only. Final dimensions are subject to confirmation, as equipment specifications can vary. These illustrations are typical of a Brunswick installation. Other equipment may vary in dimensional requirements.

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Download Basic Layouts
and Requirements Document

Masking Units

Bowltech UK Ltd supplies a complete range of masking units with glow in the dark and the latest backlit panels available from the following manufacturers.

  Foul Detectors and Trigger Systems

We stock the latest infra-red self diagnostic foul light and trigger systems, for all types of machinery.

  Bowling Lanes

Bowltech UK Ltd supplies a complete range of new wood and synthetic bowling lanes from the DBA, Hoge and System 300. Used lane packages are always available.

  Bumpers, Gutters & Cappings

We can offer the Bankshot manual lifting system, the Qubica XS automated system (requires air compressor), or standard round gutters. For smaller centres, we have the Olfun tubes (The Slinky). From foul line forward, they are easily laid in the gutter. Call us for prices. Single and Double Division Cappings are available in wood or synthetic materials, with or without integrated lighting systems.

  Ball Returns

We supply a large selection of USA and European made hoods and trays, including VanTech and Luxor, as well as a selection of used ball returns in excellent condition.

  Automatic Scoring Systems

We offer the latest Steltronic scoring systems with full back office systems. Stylish and vibrant colourful score grids, customised graphics, animations, merchandising, birthday party and speciality game options.


New and refurbished pinsetter machinery always available from Bowltech UK Ltd.


Bowltech UK Ltd supplies a complete range of seating and ball storage units to suit the layout of your bowling centre, in a wide range of colours. We offer the latest products from the following manufacturers.

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