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Bowltech UK are the UK Distributors for the full Kegel Product Range.

We supply, install, train and service all the machines in the Kegel Portfolio, past and present.

We stock the largest selection of Kegel Spare Parts in Europe between our Maidstone Warehouse and Netherlands Distribution Centre.

We hold the full range of Kegel Lane Maintenance chemicals in our Maidstone warehouse.

Call Bowltech to discuss your lane maintenance requirements.


FLEX is Kegel's most sophisticated and technologically advanced lane machine. Its modern design makes a bold statement, and the DUO conditioning system under the lid backs it up. This DUO conditioning system combines Sanction Technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the only lane machine to give you the benefit of easily using more than one lane conditioner in your center. Use one conditioner, two conditioners, or even mix compatible conditioners in one pass!

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Pin Deck treatment spray system (for use with the new Spot On Pin Deck Spray)
Two conditioner pumps
Two conditioner cartridges
Two pre-filled or refillable conditioner cartridges allows
for separate conditioner on forward and reverse pass
Ability to alternate two compatible lane conditioners in one pass
Per load adjustable micro-liter streams per for more control within each pattern

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The all new IKON is a battery powered combination lane machine that incorporates Kegel's proven technology with the modern styling of our latest machine, the FLEX.

The IKON uses Sanction Technology for the conditioning system which is reliable, verifiable, and accurate to ±1% with continued precision of ±0.5% after millions of cycles.

For cleaning, the IKON utilizes a sprayless system, which cleans the lane without any overspray into the gutters keeping your customers and pinsetters cleaner.

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The Crossfire is a compact, durable, and highly functional lane machine at an extremely affordable price. This wick combination lane machine allows small centers to experience high quality lane maintenance only Kegel can deliver.

Easy to Operate
Consistent Cleaning & Conditioning
Low Operating Cost

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Kegel is in the business of researching the sport of bowling. From this research, we develop products that provide solutions and are proven at all levels of the game

Being a manufacturer of both wick and fluid metering lane machines, we know the need for specific conditioners for each type of machine. Rest assured, whatever kind of lane machine you have, we have a lane conditioner that will work in your machine.

All Kegel chemical products are tested for repeatability by our chemists and tested for performance by professional bowlers, before they leave our facility.Le

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